Our self-serve dog wash station in Chantilly provides unique elevated wash stations so that you can wash your pet at a comfortable height.

LifeCare will provide all supplies, including shampoos, conditioners, aprons, and towels. No need to bathe your fur baby in the backyard or clog the drain in your house. Our self-serve dog wash in Chantilly enables you to wash your pets in a designated area, so your home or backyard remains clean while your pet enjoys washing sessions by your hands.

Self Serve Dog Wash Station

Best of all, as this self-serve dog wash station acts as a part of LifeCare Pet Hospital, you can always take advantage of ancillary services like nail trims and anal gland expressions provided by our medical team.

Of course! We will clean up the mess, as well.

Additional Notes for Using Self-Serve Dog Wash Station in Chantilly

**Self-serve dog wash station services not available for skunked pets or pets with parasites, such as fleas and ticks.

**All pets must have received the rabies vaccination.

**Cost is $15 (plus tax) per dog wash.

**Nail trims and anal gland expressions are available at an additional cost.