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Pet Wellness Plans

Pet wellness plans for dogs and cats are yearly packages of heavily discounted services that help pay for your pet’s preventive care. Just like us humans, our pets can also benefit from wellness packages to catch diseases through routine checkups and ensure a longer, happier life. Benefits are available to you the same day you enroll so you can start using the services as soon as the pet wellness plan goes into effect. With our pet wellness plan, we truly partner with you for the well-being of your pet. Wellness plans help us proactively care for every aspect of your pet’s well-being. That includes dental care, parasite screening and control, nutrition evaluation, vaccinations, and biannual exams.

Dog Wellness Plans

Dogs age quickly, so their medical needs are always evolving. Stay ahead of complications with ongoing preventive care so they can have happy lives. With five different pet wellness plans available for dogs and puppies, we offer you the best packages for treatments like deworming, spaying or neutering, vaccinations, and more. These are excellent packages that help plan for visits and medical expenses during the early or late stages of your pet’s life. They also prove helpful during your puppy’s transition to adulthood by covering dental cleaning and blood work. With routine care coverage, our plan offers the best help to fit the needs of your dogs and budget. Our adult dog plan not only covers professional dental cleaning but also full mouth dental X- rays.

Cat Wellness Plans

Just like their canine counterparts, our furry cat friends can benefit greatly from cat wellness programs. With this wellness package, you can plan for their checkups, deworming, vaccinations, and spaying or neutering during their early years. As your cat grows towards adulthood, our pet preventive care plans help in advanced treatments like urinalysis, X-rays, dental X-rays, dental cleanings, and thyroid screenings. Using our routines and plans, our packages offer the best wellness needs for cats during all stages of life. Our adult cat plan not only covers professional dental cleaning but also full mouth dental X-rays.

We encourage pet parents to take these plans into consideration to ease their expenses on veterinary visits. These pet wellness plans prove beneficial for proactive care and timely treatments. Please click on the links above for overviews of services and pricing.

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